Exhibition-cum-Sale Back

Exhibition co-sales fairs are organized by the corporation in and out of the state to provide proper sales collaboration for the sale of goods produced by women. Women are allotted table space or stalls in these exhibition co-sales fairs. Women have the opportunity to sell their products with minimal selling costs and experience long-term connection with customers as well as the market. The registration of artisans and allotment of stalls has been done online by the corporation. Pursuant to which any woman artisan can register online in Gujarat Mahila Economic Development Corporation Ltd. on the following portal.


The procedure for online registration on the portal is as follows.

1. First open this portal http://mela.gwedc.gov.in/Index.aspx then

2. Click to register as a woman artisan. after that

3. After filling in the personal information

4. After filling in the card information

5. Click here to view the terms and conditions (warranty)

6. Click to complete the registration process

7. After registration click to apply to participate in the fair as a woman artisan

8. If you find it difficult to register, you can contact Gujarat Mahila Economic Development Corporation Ltd. on helpline number 079-232 30 713.